Pet Disaster Preparedness

As we head into Spring, pets and people start to get excited about warmer weather, more time spent outside and looking forward to summer! However, Spring also brings an increase in the risk of natural disasters- like tornadoes in our area, or hurricanes along the coasts. Being prepared for these disasters, for humans and pets, can help prevent a lot of anxiety and heartache if something does go wrong. Below are some important things to think about to make sure you have everything in order to take care of your pet in the event of a natural disaster.

  • Have your pet properly identified. If your pet wears a collar, make sure you have a tag with your contact information on it. We strongly advise also having your pet microchipped – which is the implantation of a small device below the skin that contains a registration number that is linked in a database to your contact information. If your pet is microchipped, make sure that you keep your contact information current with the microchip manufacturer.
  • Create a small kit of pet emergency supplies. In this kit, keep 3-5 days of food in an airtight, water proof container, a small supply of water for your pet, a collar and leash/harness, a picture of you and your pet together (in case all other methods of identification fail) and a copy of your pet’s medical records including vaccines and any diagnosed conditions your pet needs medications for. Consider also keeping a familiar blanket or toy in the kit to help your pet be more comfortable in an emergency situation.
  • If you have to evacuate without your pet, make sure to leave them inside with access to food and water. Post in windows or near doorways a sign notifying emergency personnel of the presence of your pets- and how many/what kinds you had to leave behind. If you can, evacuate with your pet. Make sure to take your emergency kit with you (you’ll especially need your pets records and food!)