AAHA Accredited Hospital Day

Today is AAHA Accredited Hospital Day!

AAHA, the American Animal Hospital Association, is a voluntary accrediting body for veterinary hospitals in the United States and Canada. In human medicine, a hospital must be accredited in order to function, but in veterinary medicine this is a voluntary process that only 12% of hospitals achieve.

In order to become accredited by AAHA, a hospital must undergo a thorough evaluation that assesses 900 standards of quality to ensure that the hospital meets the standards of veterinary excellence. The hospitals are evaluated on topics like their customer service, medical quality, facilities, surgery, dentistry, medical records and many more! After initial accreditation, hospitals are reviewed on a regular basis.

TotalBond strongly believes in striving to always provide your furry family members with the best care. All 5 of our locations are AAHA accredited. Today, we celebrate always striving for excellence!