Cat Friendly Practice

We are committed to our feline patients! In 2015, each hospital underwent education and training to become certified as Feline Friendly Practices through the American Association of Feline Practitioners. The certification program evaluates many aspects of the practice from staff training and communication, facilities, and education of staff on feline specific medical and surgical needs.

Hospital waiting and exam rooms, wards, and special procedure rooms were updated to meet the special needs of cats. You will notice cat friendly hiding places, soft towels and comfy table mats, calming music, and toys and treats that cats love throughout the hospitals. All staff members have gone through extensive training on how to decrease stress and anxiety in cats through proper handling. You may notice that your cat can hide in a towel or box for their examination or procedures such as drawing blood. We strive to make your precious loved one’s visit FEAR FREE! For more specific information on cats including training your cat to love traveling in a carrier, please visit the Feline Site under the Resources tab on this website.

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