Online E-Consult for TotalBond Veterinary Hospital Clients

Welcome to the start of TotalBond Veterinary Hospital’s online E-Consultation. If your pet is an active patient at any TotalBond Veterinary Hospital, Click below to start the process.

Disclosure: The NC Practice Act currently may limit our ability to diagnose or prescribe through E-Consultation. However we promise to be as helpful as we can be!!

After clicking the link above you will be able to pay the fee through PayPal. The fee associated with this questionnaire supports the E-consult platform and allows you to view the TotalBond Veterinary Hospital E-Consult form for 10 MINUTES. You must send your message within that 10 minutes after confirming your payment.

Once the order is confirmed on PayPal, you will be navigated back to this screen where you need to click the button again to confirm the payment. Only then will the form show and the 10 minute countdown will start.

After the form is submitted, you will be contacted within 24 hours via the provided information.