Cancer & Chemotherapy

The big “C” word, cancer, is among the most dreaded in medicine – both human and veterinary. You may be surprised to learn, however, that great strides have been made in our ability to manage a variety of different sorts of cancers, using different tools for different patients and conditions. Modalities include surgery, immunotherapy (teaching the body to attack the cancerous cells), and yes, chemotherapy to which some cancers are exquisitely sensitive.

The approach to using chemotherapy in veterinary medicine, and TBVH in particular, is different than experienced for humans. The goal is to put the cancer on its heels but utilizing doses and schedules designed specifically NOT to have the patient become ill. It is not that serious side effects cannot or will not occur… it is just that we try mightily to do things in a way to avoid them and to get through the whole process while maintaining the highest possible quality of life. In this, we are usually most successful. Furthermore we are never married to a given medication, protocol, or schedule; our discussions with you are all about treating an otherwise potentially devastating problem as effectively and safely as possible and also within your means. We will give you all the information – not to mention emotional support – you need to collaborate on a mutually agreed-upon treatment plan.