Proper care of the oral cavity, teeth, and gums are a crucial aspect to ensuring maximal comfort, quality of life, and overall health and well-being in our pets, just like it is for us. The accumulation of plaque, dental tartar, and calculus leads to infection of the gums and peridontal tissue….which you will notice this as increasingly bad breath, not to mention making for an uncomfortable mouth. Home dental care and regular cleaning of the teeth and gum pockets, along with dental xrays, polishing, flouride, and other treatments as needed (e.g. periodontal treatments, extractions if necessary, etc.), will help to preserve health and comfort not just with the teeth and in the mouth, but throughout the body as we limit access of oral bacteria to the bloodstream. Our approach to oral health takes an uncompromising approach to maximize both the safety and comfort of the procedure, and our staff will assist you in answering any questions you might have regarding details and scheduling.