Though TBVH maintains significant expertise and capabilities, we maintain strong collaborative relationships with colleagues specializing in various medical and surgical disciplines. It is possible on select occasions that we will recommend your pet see one of these Board-certified internists, ophthalmologists, surgeons, oncologists, or others in Charlotte. In such an event, we will facilitate the referral, communicating with the specialty hospital, transferring medical records, and making the process as seamless as possible for both you and your pet.

Yet precisely because of the breadth of services and advanced credentials and certifications offered by our doctors, TBVH also receives referrals from area veterinarians; in these circumstances we serve as a collaborative partner with the referring DVM, and limit the services we provide to those required strictly for purpose of the problem at hand (i.e. no primary care services). Pet owners may also self-refer, that is, we are always available for 2cd opinions.