Preventative Care And Total Wellcare Club

Firmly believing in ounces of prevention vs. pounds of cure, we offer the following preventative care at all of our locations:

  • Regular medical examination and consultations
  • Immunizations, customized to your pet according to AAHA, AAFP Vaccine Guidelines
  • Parasite testing and prevention/control
    • Internal: Heartworms, Intestinal roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, tapeworms
    • External: fleas, ticks, mites
  • Routine surveillance lab and other diagnostic testing
  • Dental/oral care
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Behavioral Counseling
  • Weight Optimization counseling
  • Other counseling based on individual patient needs and risk factors

The easiest and most increasingly most popular option is joining the TotalWellCare Club: Comprehensive preventative care for your pet, and affordable piece of mind for you!


We know your pet is part of your family and you enjoy spending time together. We want to help you provide the best care for your loved one. Comprehensive preventative care has been shown to improve not only life quality but longevity as well.

Benefits to Joining

  • Low monthly payments
  • Two Wellness/Preventative Care Visits per year (For Premium members, Unlimited visits throughout the year!!)
  • All immunizations, customized to your pet according to AAHA Vaccine Guidelines
  • One year of monthly heartworm prevention and intestinal parasite control, 9 months of flea and tick control
  • Affordable packages for Dental treatments and Senior pets
  • Two complimentary boarding and spa days
  • Discounts on Pet Health Insurance plans for illness, injury, surgery, etc.
  • PetPortal for personal access to medical records

By joining the TBVH TotalWellCare Club, you will be ensuring that your pet has complete wellness care as well as information and support on many different health care topics.

Basic Annual Services Include:

Two Wellness Exams scheduled with your veterinarian approximately 6 months apart.

Wellness Visit I

 Thorough physical and medical examination/consult, fecal parasite test, vaccines based on risk factor analysis, and body condition score evaluation.

Wellness Visit II

Thorough physical and medical examination/consult, complete lab work including complete blood count, extended chemistry profile, urinalysis and thyroid hormone level (cats also FeLV & FIV test). A customized patient and life-stage assessment profile, based on age, breed, lifestyle, lab results, and preventative health care goals will be developed with the Pet Wellness Report:

Canine, Feline & Equine Pet Wellness Report | Pet Wellness …

Give your best friend the best of care. Designed by veterinarians for pet owners, the Pet Wellness Report offers a convenient preventive care system with proven results.

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Staff Consultation:

  • Medical Conditions
  • Behavior issues
  • Weight optimization
  • Behavior issues
  • Early intervention for osteoarthritis and other chronic pain conditions
  • Any other areas of interest