TotalBond Veterinary Hospitals

Animal Behavior

At TotalBond Veterinary Hospitals we are committed to helping you build a strong connection with your pets. The three primary goals of our behavior service are to a) improve communication between you and your pet b) teach you how to train your pet for a lifetime of good behavior and c) treat behavior problems effectively using positive and humane techniques and medication as needed.

Behavior Consultations

Over the past 25 years, dogs and cats have moved from outside to our side by side companions who are capable of bringing incredible joy to our lives. Living in close proximity necessitates helping our companion animals meet our expectations as well as for us as caregivers to understand their normal behavior and needs. If this delicate balance is not achieved, our pets may develop unacceptable behaviors that challenge the bond we build with then and can lead to re-homing or even euthanasia. Indeed, behavior and obedience problems are the number one reason pets are euthanized.

Behavior Consultations are to identify the root causes of unacceptable behaviors and create a treatment plan. Treatment plans include behavior modification techniques and medications if necessary. The consultation is scheduled for one hour. During the consultation an extensive history of lifestyle, environment, nutrition, medical history, and previous behavior modifications will be reviewed as well as the behavior of your pet evaluated in an examination room. Consults also occur in the home environment depending on the problem. Problems such aggression, separation anxiety, noise and thunderstorm phobias, compulsive behaviors, inappropriate elimination, and nuisance behaviors such as jumping, digging, counter-surfing are common problems addressed during these consults.